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Badger Renegade Velocity Jet Video Tutorial – How to disassemble and reassemble tutorial

Disassembled Badger Renegade Velocity Jet airbrush gun.

If you own a Badger Renegade Velocity Jet airbrush, this video applies to you.  Whether you need to disassemble it for maintenance, cleaning or just curiosity, here is a step by step tutorial of how to disassemble and reassemble your Badger Renegade Velocity Jet airbrush.  Ashley Brayson (UK, airbrush artist) kindly and independently created this very detailed step by step video.

Tutorial – Disassemble and reassemble of a Badger Renegade Velocity Jet Airbrush.

Take Air~ Ken


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Airbrushing video tutorial for miniture and small scale models

For all those who work with miniature models, my hat comes off to you.  It takes a lot of patience and skill to work on such a small scale.  Two components that go into producing awesome small-scale models are good tools and knowing what you are doing.  I wanted to share with you a guy who definitely knows what he is doing when it comes to miniature models.  Check out Lester Bursley in action as he demonstrates how to paint a Doom Legion Space Marine.  Whether it’s a space marine, figurine, fishing lure or model airplane, Les showcases how to effectively use your airbrush tools and paint colors for an awesome outcome.

Click the below link to watch a tutorial.


Enjoy and Take Air!

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Airbrush 101 – A simple guide to understanding airbrush terminology, types of airbrushes, and their recommended uses.

Understanding the make up of an airbrush gun.

I have traveled across the globe attending conferences, trade shows and events which all involve the industries and hobbies that use airbrushes.   No matter what gathering I attend, I am asked the same important question, “What’s the best airbrush that I should use to _________” (fill in the blank with your application).  For this reason I have put together what I like to call “AIRBRUSH 101”. It’s a simple reminder and guide to understanding airbrush terminology, types of airbrushes, and their recommended uses.  I hope this airbrush guide will help and support whatever project or application you are working on.

Airbrush 101 – click to view.

Take Air~ Ken.

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My purpose.

My blog, TakeAir is dedicated to sharing my passion about all things airbrush. I wish to share with you my experience, tips,tricks, and trouble shooting in the art of airbrushing. I also wish to share and give recognition to the many talented airbrush artist I come across on a daily basis. Enjoy.

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