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Going for more performance – Trigger upgrade on Renegade Series/VEGA/OMNI

It’s all in the trigger! Design, function and performance is a big part of any tool. Back in late 2010, we introduced a new design modification to the Renegade Series airbrushes and Thayer & Chandler VEGA and OMNI airbrushes. Why did we touch perfectly good air brushes? Well, thank you for asking Stefan Sjöber of Sweden. We wanted to enhance their performance.
Now to get all technical on you, the modifications focused on smooth airbrush triggering and precise needle responsiveness, including an increased curvature to the rocker lever (the part behind the trigger in photograph) and an upward repositioning of the lever pin on the needle tube of the triggering linkage. These modifications adjust the rocker lever’s height, eliminating any possibility of the rocker lever receding into the trigger slot and reducing any possible surface friction between the trigger and the rocker lever. The result is a smoother triggering action. Try saying that five times fast!
Additionally, the inner seal (not shown) of the Renegade and OMNI gravity feed airbrushes (VEGA airbrushes do not have inner seals) is being changed from Viton (a solvent resistant rubber like material) to a new “field changeable” beveled edge Teflon seal. This change provides directional smoothness and eliminates any resistance as the needle is triggered back and forth in the airbrush.
We really did our homework and thought this through so that the improved design rocker lever triggering linkage assemblies and field changeable inner seals can be installed into previously manufactured Renegade Series, OMNI, and VEGA airbrushes.
To put it simply, we just wanted to up the performance!
For additional information regarding these product modifications or about how to obtain improved design components for previously purchased airbrushes, contact Badger Air-Brush Co. by phone: 847-678-3104, fax: 847-671-4352, or email to productservice@badgerairbrush.com (using subject title “design modifications”).


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