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The new Renegade airbrush series. Spec and video for the Velocity amd Spirit

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View Velocity video              View Spirit Video

Our new Renegade Airbrush Series consist of three feature loaded airbrushes – the Velocity, the Spirit, and the Rage – for use in extremely tight – detail oriented custom auto graphic applications. Badger Air-Brush Co.’s new American made Renegade Airbrush Series is developed and designed for the very specific and intricate needs of custom graphic artists who have chosen the automobile or other hard surfaces as their creative canvas. The Renegade Series features three different airbrushes (gravity feed, side feed, siphon feed) to satisfy the usage preference of all automobile graphic artists – regardless of their airbrush style. These incredibly innovative airbrushes feature new “tensionsense” trigger action, “stopset” trigger setting system, exact taper micro-precise paint tips, “pointperfect” carbide polished needles, “smartcenter” nozzle assemblies, the most precise paint tips and linear air flow needle angles available on an airbrush – and many other features never before available on a Badger, or for that matter any other, airbrush. The Renegade airbrushes are superior to anything that precedes them in a dedicated custom graphics airbrush. So, if you’re at the point and capability of undeniable airbrush excellence, then you may be ready to know the beauty and perfection of the Renegade Airbrush Series, and the realization so tight has never been so easy.

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