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So you want to know which airbrush is best for you (or better said for your application). Or In the words of many curious aspiring airbrush users “what’s a good airbrush to start with?”
The simple and best rule of thumb when selecting an airbrush is “figure out which airbrush best does what you want to do, get it, and learn to use it”. Airbrush should not be a graduated process. There are different types of airbrushes designed for different applications. Within each airbrush type different airbrush models may perform at varying levels of proficiency (depending on various factors such as media type and preparation, nozzle/needle design and size (what’s this), correct air pressure settings, user experience/skill), but for the most part for each application there is a best type of airbrush for the job, and that’s the type of airbrush you should get and learn to use for your specific application.
Below is a listing of various airbrush applications, an indication of what type of airbrush is best for the application and a brief explanation why. To preface the information below one should know that for general purpose applications and general spray needs a bottom feed airbrush is usually preferable and most efficient. For detail applications a gravity feed airbrush is usually preferred because it enables better control (through lower operating pressure), thus making detail easier to achieve. If your airbrush needs involve the usage of both general purpose and detail airbrushes, and your budget only allows purchase of one airbrush, it’s also good to know (because of the increased control) it is usually easier to adapt a detail airbrush to a general purpose task, than it is to adapt a general purpose airbrush to a detail task.
For other useful airbrush related information read Badger’s AIRBRUSH 101.

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