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Comparison of the Precise 200 and 155 Anthem Badger Airbrushes

Today I am responding to a request to provide a comparison of the Precise 200 Badger Airbrush and the 155 Anthem Badger Airbrush.  You may think me a little biased in saying both are great brushes….they really are.  The key to deciding on any airbrush is to consider your purpose.  If you want to airbrush the details on a small model, this will require a brush with precision.  However, if you are creating body art or canvas art you will need a brush that is for artistic applications.  My Badger team created 2 videos to give you a close look at each brush and the tech specs along with recommended application usages.

Yes, the Precise 200 and the 155 Anthem have similar specs but the Precise is a single action brush versus the Anthem which is a dual action brush.  Check out the videos and pick your brush with confidence.

Click to view Anthem Video

Video – Precise 200

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Airbrushing video tutorial for miniture and small scale models

For all those who work with miniature models, my hat comes off to you.  It takes a lot of patience and skill to work on such a small scale.  Two components that go into producing awesome small-scale models are good tools and knowing what you are doing.  I wanted to share with you a guy who definitely knows what he is doing when it comes to miniature models.  Check out Lester Bursley in action as he demonstrates how to paint a Doom Legion Space Marine.  Whether it’s a space marine, figurine, fishing lure or model airplane, Les showcases how to effectively use your airbrush tools and paint colors for an awesome outcome.

Click the below link to watch a tutorial.


Enjoy and Take Air!

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