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Nozzel options for the Krome Airbrush – Tech question

We had a great tech question come from one of our facebook fans. I always like to take the opportunity with the Take Air Blog to share the question and the answer with all you airbrush users out there.

Is there a general purpose nozzle, needle for the krome? i’ve been reading that there is only ultra fine up to 1” for the krome. if there is a general purpose hardware for this then i would like to have a Krome for my arsenal.

The Krome, essentially being a hybrid member of the Renegade Series, can be set up with either of the available nozzle configurations – and actually comes with both. The airbrush is set up with the .21 Ultra-Fine nozzle, but also comes with the conversion components for the .33 Fine nozzle set up.

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Tips on selecting the best air compressor.

I am happy to report my ramblings (blogs) are getting out in the on-line world, and are proving to be helpful.  I recently received an e-mail praising us for our air brush 101 guide (click here to read).  It is a great resource to read when selecting the best airbrush for the application. Now I have been urged to put together the same for our range of Badger air compressors.

Compressor guide and catalog 2011

BadgerCompressors2011 prices

When you get right down to it, an air compressor is simply a machine that squeezes air into a tank and out a hose.  When shopping for one, you need to consider your application (fancy word for project), how much pressure (PSI – Pounds per Square Inch) you will need and frequency of use.

A unit that generates at least 30 PSI is recommended to start airbrushing.  Some applications, such as T-shirt painting or other fabric painting may be more efficiently done at higher pressures (up to 65 PSI).  Other applications, such as finger nail art and illustrations may be more effectively done at lower pressures (as low as 10 PSI).  For applications requiring both higher and lower pressures, using a regulator is recommended.

To assist you in the selection process and in comparing our air compressors, I had my team put together a guide with pretty pictures and all the specifications for each of our Badger air compressor lines.

The Airwave Series – will also be available with 220V European plugs

The Aspire Series – will also be available with 220V European plugs

The Silent Series


Several of Badger’s new compressors are already in stock and available for shipment!

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