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Tips on selecting the best air compressor.

I am happy to report my ramblings (blogs) are getting out in the on-line world, and are proving to be helpful.  I recently received an e-mail praising us for our air brush 101 guide (click here to read).  It is a great resource to read when selecting the best airbrush for the application. Now I have been urged to put together the same for our range of Badger air compressors.

Compressor guide and catalog 2011

BadgerCompressors2011 prices

When you get right down to it, an air compressor is simply a machine that squeezes air into a tank and out a hose.  When shopping for one, you need to consider your application (fancy word for project), how much pressure (PSI – Pounds per Square Inch) you will need and frequency of use.

A unit that generates at least 30 PSI is recommended to start airbrushing.  Some applications, such as T-shirt painting or other fabric painting may be more efficiently done at higher pressures (up to 65 PSI).  Other applications, such as finger nail art and illustrations may be more effectively done at lower pressures (as low as 10 PSI).  For applications requiring both higher and lower pressures, using a regulator is recommended.

To assist you in the selection process and in comparing our air compressors, I had my team put together a guide with pretty pictures and all the specifications for each of our Badger air compressor lines.

The Airwave Series – will also be available with 220V European plugs

The Aspire Series – will also be available with 220V European plugs

The Silent Series


Several of Badger’s new compressors are already in stock and available for shipment!

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Comparison of the Precise 200 and 155 Anthem Badger Airbrushes

Today I am responding to a request to provide a comparison of the Precise 200 Badger Airbrush and the 155 Anthem Badger Airbrush.  You may think me a little biased in saying both are great brushes….they really are.  The key to deciding on any airbrush is to consider your purpose.  If you want to airbrush the details on a small model, this will require a brush with precision.  However, if you are creating body art or canvas art you will need a brush that is for artistic applications.  My Badger team created 2 videos to give you a close look at each brush and the tech specs along with recommended application usages.

Yes, the Precise 200 and the 155 Anthem have similar specs but the Precise is a single action brush versus the Anthem which is a dual action brush.  Check out the videos and pick your brush with confidence.

Click to view Anthem Video

Video – Precise 200

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Mickey is an avid Badger/Thayer & Chandler airbrush user!

GM's Strenght & Honor camaro was airbrushed using Badger Air/ Thayer & Chandler airbrushes. The job took about 250 hours to airbrush.

I am always excited to see airbrush art, the projects, their scale, the details and the amazing creativity each artist brings to the table always impresses me. As Badger Air Brush / Thayer & Chandler are an American made product, it really made me smile to see the work of Mikey Harris on the General Motors “Strength and Honor” Camaro saluting all our troops that serve our country. It really is a site to see and lucky for us we have pictures and video of these amazing Badger Airbrushed murals that are so well laid out across bodylines of the Camaro.

Click here to see the video
Click here for full story

Full article from The Faces of GM
Mickey Harris: Art Honoring America

It’s Independence Day week here in the U.S. and your Faces of GM team thought it would be appropriate to take a look at Mickey Harris, one of our partners who specializes in patriotic presentations. He has turned a couple of Camaros into incredible murals that salute our country and its military men and women. One is the Strength and Honor Camaro that he developed to promote GM’s Military Discount Program and the other is called American Pride and it outlines U.S. history in a way that even appeals to non-history fans.

On Memorial Day weekend we saw the Strength and Honor Camaro at the Indy 500 and last week we talked with Mickey about that car. By clicking the video below you can see the great artwork and hear what Mickey told us about how his designs emerge as he works.

Abraham Lincoln appears just behind the passenger door on the American Pride Camaro

Saluting the military isn’t just a commercial enterprise for Mickey, he says it’s practically part of his DNA. “My father was a fighter pilot and flew F105s in Vietnam. I grew up on Air Force bases and I learned to draw by drawing aircraft. It’s kind of in my blood.” Mickey has produced artwork for the U.S. Pentagon and is proud to say he has seven pieces hanging in the headquarters of the U.S. military.

Now that he’s done a couple of projects for GM. Mickey feels that he and the company are on the same wavelength. He says, “America’s greatest asset is our fighting men and women. We need to remember that. That’s what I try to do in the artwork I put out. I think GM understands that and they’ve been great to work with.”

The Chevrolet bowtie shares the rear of this Camaro with the Strength and Honor name

You can hear pride and dedication in Mickey’s voice as he talks about the work he’s done for Chevrolet. He appreciates having a client who appreciates his work and “I try to go above and beyond their expectations.” He says the money he’s paid for his work is pretty good, but he gets so emotionally involved in creating the project that puts incredible amounts of time into it. He chuckles as he says, “If I figured out what I get per hour, it’s probably a little bit more than minimum wage.”

The two Camaros that Mickey has designed are just the start of the relationship between artist and automaker. He has two more projects on the drawing board for Chevrolet that you’ll be seeing before the end of the year. We aren’t going to spoil the surprise and tell you what the topics are, but you can be sure that they will be celebrating history and American pride in a way that will touch the hearts of all who see them.

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It’s all about KROME! Independent review of the Bader Renegade Krome Airbrush

image of Badger Renegade Krome Airbrush

Badger Renegade Krome Airbrush

I thought this week I would share with you a very detailed and independent review of the Badger Renegade KROME Airbrush. It is the latest of our American Made Air-Brushes.  I share Chuck Aleshire’s review because he has put this brush to the test and offers first hand user experience of this brush.  Plus he give a little mention of me!!!!

Read review – click here.

Enjoy and Take Air

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The Vega 1000 Airbrush – Simple and effective! A video review

Badger Airbrush Vega 1000


Out of the array of Badger Airbrushes the Vega 1000 is one of our more simple brushes. But don’t let the elegant simplicity of this brush deter you. Having no internal seals, this brush still produces an amazing fine line. For a hands on review, assembly and disassemble of the Vega 1000 click here.

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Going for more performance – Trigger upgrade on Renegade Series/VEGA/OMNI

It’s all in the trigger! Design, function and performance is a big part of any tool. Back in late 2010, we introduced a new design modification to the Renegade Series airbrushes and Thayer & Chandler VEGA and OMNI airbrushes. Why did we touch perfectly good air brushes? Well, thank you for asking Stefan Sjöber of Sweden. We wanted to enhance their performance.
Now to get all technical on you, the modifications focused on smooth airbrush triggering and precise needle responsiveness, including an increased curvature to the rocker lever (the part behind the trigger in photograph) and an upward repositioning of the lever pin on the needle tube of the triggering linkage. These modifications adjust the rocker lever’s height, eliminating any possibility of the rocker lever receding into the trigger slot and reducing any possible surface friction between the trigger and the rocker lever. The result is a smoother triggering action. Try saying that five times fast!
Additionally, the inner seal (not shown) of the Renegade and OMNI gravity feed airbrushes (VEGA airbrushes do not have inner seals) is being changed from Viton (a solvent resistant rubber like material) to a new “field changeable” beveled edge Teflon seal. This change provides directional smoothness and eliminates any resistance as the needle is triggered back and forth in the airbrush.
We really did our homework and thought this through so that the improved design rocker lever triggering linkage assemblies and field changeable inner seals can be installed into previously manufactured Renegade Series, OMNI, and VEGA airbrushes.
To put it simply, we just wanted to up the performance!
For additional information regarding these product modifications or about how to obtain improved design components for previously purchased airbrushes, contact Badger Air-Brush Co. by phone: 847-678-3104, fax: 847-671-4352, or email to productservice@badgerairbrush.com (using subject title “design modifications”).

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